Social Responsibility

The company pays great attention to its employees & workers & is keen to care for them & maintain their love for work & their passion for it, the company not only provides free housing, food & health care to workers in production sites, but also provides support & care when needed, whether in the case of health problems or family commitments or weddings & engagement or death. We at Safety Pack one family that cares about all the requirements & moral needs of the staff & workers.

Preserving the Environment

Safety Pack does not forget the role it should play to protect the environment & maintain a low carbon footprint. Therefore, we use recycle waste paper & manufacturing material & re-manufacture them in the form of cardboard used with non-food products, such as gifts, shoes & storage boxes & more.

Learn more about our history. It just might inspire you to help us build a better future.

  • Our Mission

    One of the most important things that distinguishes Safety Pack from its competitors is the value it offers to customers.

  • Our vision

    The company always provides high-quality products at the best prices & never fails to deliver products of the required quality & on time.

  • Quality

    The secret lies in the quality of our final products, the quality of production raw materials we rely on, the advanced technology we use in the manufacturing process, & the level of expertise & skills of our team & technicians.